Sirromet Wedding Photography

Sirromet Wedding Photography

Being an Alexandra Hills-based Wedding Photographer means that I have a soft spot for photographing weddings in the Redlands! One of my favourite wedding venues anywhere in South-East Queensland happens to be in the Redlands; Sirromet Winery!

Sirromet Wedding Photography is amazing and I am always incredibly excited to head there to photograph a wedding. The venue is a one stop venue, with beautiful accommodation, several fantastic wedding ceremony locations, several amazing opportunities for bridal party wedding photos, and some incredible wedding reception options.

I was lucky enough to photograph Kelly and Mark’s amazing Sirromet wedding in May this year and the day was absolutely perfect! Kelly got ready in Merlot House on location at Sirromet Winery. I arrived early to photograph the hair and make up, then headed to photograph the boys in nearby Birkdale.

The boys were suitably relaxed and looked dapper in their matching black suits and ties. Mark’s Dad Greg was even good enough to make me lunch! What a guy!

Back at Merlot House, the girls were ready so we did some final prepping photos and got some pre-wedding family photos before taking those deep breaths and heading to the wedding ceremony.

The ceremony took place at the laguna, a quieter area away from the winery, and beautifully located on a mirror-flat lake.

The ceremony was perfectly officiated by Natasha Hill (, a celebrant with whom I have worked several times. Natasha is amazing, relaxed and always fun to work with!

The ceremony had tears, smiles, and laughter and was the perfect location for this beautiful couple to say ‘I do’.

After a group photo and some family photos on site, I dragged the bridal party to the secret area behind the laguna which has the most amazing light in the late afternoon, and is well away from prying eyes! I had met most of the bridal party a few years earlier at the wedding of Amanda and Chris (who were also in the bridal party) so it was a very relaxed shoot, and with a bride and groom as good looking as Kelly and Mark, it was a very easy task!

And so to the wedding reception; the part of the day when everyone can finally exhale and let their hair down! Sirromet has some amazing options for the perfect wedding reception. Kelly and Mark’s reception took place in the amazingly photogenic Barrel Room; one of my favourite reception venues to photograph!

The night was electric and so much fun! The speeches were heart-felt and sincere (and not overly long!) and the first dance was incredible!

I left the party once the dancing had kicked in and after a long but fun day I drove home; a mere 7 minutes away! No wonder I love Sirromet Wedding Photography!

Manly Wedding Photography

Date: 22nd October 2018

Location: Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club, Manly

manly wedding photography
Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club Wedding Ceremony

I love photographing weddings in Manly! I lived there for several years and am still local so know the area very well! I have also been a member of Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club for many years so was delighted to be asked to capture Ray and Clara’s amazing wedding last October!

And what a day it was! It was a perfect day for Manly Wedding Photography – the sun shone, the wind was kind, and look at that for a wedding ceremony backdrop! The Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club is a pretty special place to be married! Oh and Clara and Ray looked pretty good too!

Ray was relaxed and smiling as the guests arrived and Clara was more relaxed than when I had met the guys a few days prior when she pulled up in the wedding car! And how amazing is that dress!

Debbie Thomas did a fantastic job as always, officiating the ceremony and even wove (see what I did there!) a knot-tieing element into the ceremony! I have photographed several weddings with Debbie and she is a star – always a lot of fun, very easy to work with and nothing is ever too much for her! You can check out her web page here:

Cheers indeed! Congratulations on the perfect wedding ceremony guys! And all the best for the future!

The great thing about Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club is that you don’t have to leave the premises for beautiful bridal party photos! We headed down to the boat ramp for some gorgeous bay and boat shots, and didn’t the guys do well!

Manly Wedding Photography

And happily there was no need to head elsewhere for the reception as Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club have you sorted there too! And with amazing water views and outstanding food to boot!

Congratulations on the perfect wedding day guys and thanks for being so much fun to photograph! Best Wishes, Andy

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Brisbane Wedding Photography

brisbane wedding photographer

Brisbane Wedding Photography: Rebecca & James’ CBD Wedding

Date: 14th January 2017

Location: Brisbane CBD

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I love photographing weddings in Brisbane! There are just so many locations for great photos, and when you have a gorgeous couple like Rebecca and James, my job becomes very easy indeed!

I had met this beautiful couple before; I was lucky enough to do an engagement shoot for them and jumped at the chance to capture their big day!

wedding photos  wedding photo ideas

We met at the shiny new Registry Office on Ann Street, a great place for Brisbane Wedding Photography, and grabbed some photos of the amazing view!

And then Rebecca walked in! Rebecca was a stunning bride, and James a dashing groom! The ceremony was touching and intimate, and after a few family photos outside, we headed to Eagle Street for some photos of the newly married couple!

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It was a very hot day that day and the mercury nudged 40 degrees! But the guys smiled through the sunshine and looked amazing by the Brisbane River!

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As the newlyweds headed to Eagle Street for a post-wedding celebration, I walked through the Botanic Gardens and thought how amazing Brisbane Wedding Photography really is! With the almost unlimited amazing photography locations, I consider myself very lucky to be able to do a job I love in a city I adore! Being a wedding photographer is a privilege I will never take for granted and I have to pinch myself every day when I think about where I am based doing what I love doing!


Wedding Photos: Juliette and Tony’s Perfect Day at Topiaries!

wedding photos

Wedding Photos: Juliette and Tony‘s Perfect Day at Topiaries:

Date: 20th March 2016

Location: Topiaries, Samford

wedding photos wedding photography




Wedding photos are (in my completely biased opinion!) probably the most important thing that a bride and groom will take from their wedding. Memories do unfortunately fade over the years but photographs last forever. That’s why having a comprehensive reminder of your day is always a wise investment! In the grand scheme of things your photos will be a small cost compared to what you get in return!

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Plus wedding photos are fun! You get to look back and relive the warm and fuzzies from the most important day of your life! So many people say to me that the day flew by way too fast and that having a fantastic collection of wedding photos helps to piece the day together, and also helps to plug the gaps that the bride and groom missed!

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Having a good scope of your day – from getting ready shots right through to the reception – is a great way to keep these memories, and venues like Topiaries are perfect for this! Topiaries is a self-contained venue that allows the bride and groom to get ready on site, to get married in their garden area or chapel, and to party the night away in their reception hall. The grounds are also beautiful meaning you needn’t leave for your bridal party photographs!

gold coast wedding photography wedding photo





Several weeks ago, I was privileged to photograph Juliette and Tony’s perfect day which was held at Topiaries, and I arrived to find the girls in a flurry of activity! Quick hint – if you know what time the photographer is due to arrive, make sure you aren’t having your hair or make up done then. You will be picked on! Poor Skye, Juliette’s maid of honour, had the short straw this day and suffered my camera lens from the moment I arrived! But it was soon Juliette’s turn, which she didn’t seem to mind at all. She had also very thoughtfully hung her dress from the chandeliers of the beautifully decorated room, which made for a fantastic backdrop to her photos!

brisbane wedding photography wedding pictures





Generally I will try and make myself as inconspicuous as possible when I’m photographing the bridal party getting ready, preferring instead to capture things as they happen in a more candid and photo-journalistic style. This makes the bridesmaids feel more relaxed before the main event and allows everyone to concentrate on looking beautiful rather than being forced to pose!

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Quite often the boys will be a little reluctant to have their photos taken but it is always a nice mix to get some shots of the boys too. It also makes for a convenient break to allow the girls a few moments of modesty to get in their dresses! Tony’s groomsmen were a great laugh and helped him feel relaxed. Mocking my accent, they called me ‘undies’ for the rest of the day! Cheers, guys! Tony helped get Juliette’s son Slade get dressed and into his bow tie and then dressed himself as his groomsmen struggled tying their ties!

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IMG_3093xFor a wedding photographer, it is very important to capture the details of the wedding day – the shoes, flowers, jewellery and clothes. It is these little details that will have been pored over for days if not weeks, and these details are just as important as photos of the guests. I always meet with the bride and groom prior to the big day to discuss the type of wedding photos they are looking for – no point in photographing details if they aren’t wanted at the cost of missing photographs of things that are! I always send through a shot list for this precise reason – add it to the list and I will know to take it! I always encourage sending example shots through for this very same reason!


cheap wedding photography

And then suddenly it was action stations! As the boys headed outside to the ceremony area, Tony started to look a little nervous! The boys lined up in the pagola as the girls filtered outside. Then the bridal song started. It was time to get these guys married!

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One photo I will always capture is the look on the groom’s face the moment he sees his wife start to walk down the aisle. To me it is one of the most important photos of the day, and in truth you can never pick what the reaction might be! Sometimes even the toughest blokes will shed a tear, and it’s always fun finding out!

Tony looked delighted at seeing Juliette for the first time that day, but he still managed to keep it together for one very important part of the ceremony. Juliette’s family are originally from Zimbabwe, where traditionally the groom will give the father-in-law a dowry of cattle for his daughter’s hand in marriage. To everyone’s great surprise Tony produced two head of cattle as he shook his father-in-law’s hand. OK, they were plastic and about 5cm high but it was still a very moo-ving moment – one that was legen-dairy. Sorry, I cud have left that bit out. OK, that’s enough cow jokes, there’ll be no udders…. Sorry.

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Juliette and Tony’s ceremony was officiated beautifully by Sally Corfield ( who gave a brief history of the bridal couple before launching into the good stuff!

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Sally focussed on the couple – the way a wedding ceremony should do – and told us how and where they met, their likes, dislikes and foibles and the moment they realised that they had fallen in love. To Juliette her kids are her life and it was the moment that Tony said that he loved them that she fell helplessly for him – as a Dad I can understand this sentiment completely!

People often say to me that it must be a lot of pressure being a wedding photographer, that you have a very important job to do and can’t afford to mess up. It can be but it doesn’t faze me at all; but I always think the same about the celebrant – they really do have the most important job on the day and without them the wedding simply can’t take place! Happily, Sally was an amazing professional and the ceremony was flawless!

0V7A9004x 0V7A9005x






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Juliette’s son and daughter – who looked absolutely adorable! – were prominent in the ceremony; her son Slade had the biggest job of the ceremony as ring bearer, which he accomplished expertly! The vows were heart-warming and spoken perfectly, and then with the signing and the kiss Juliette and Tony were married! Congratulations you beautiful people!

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Following the ceremony, I always allow a good ten to fifteen minutes of congratulations time before launching into the group shot and family photos. I love the family photographs as everyone always looks so good and is in a great mood and it gives me the chance to chat and have a giggle!

portrait photos family portrait





And then it was time for the bridal party photos and happily Topiaries has a wealth of locations for great shots. We started at the viewpoint which has amazing vistas over Samford Valley. The clouds had closed in a little giving us an awesomely dramatic sky and perfect lighting and the results look pretty amazing!

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We then headed to the front of the venue and grabbed some shots there before heading to the street and the forested area to the side of the venue. Juliette and Tony were very patient with my squeaking enthusiasm and posed without complaint!! I do get very excitable when I am taking what I know to be an awesome shot!

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Then as the sun set on a perfect day we headed back into Topiaries for the party! I photographed the empty reception room as everyone had drinks on the deck, which allowed the bridal party to chill out for a while and grab a drink too! Juliette and Tony had decided to have their first dance early on (to get it out of the way?!) and strutted their stuff before officially entering the room! They did a very good job too!

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The speeches followed which were equally heart felt and homourous and we saw both tears and laughter – always the sign of a good speech! The room looked spectacular and the cake divine, and Juliette and Tony very graciously arranged a meal for me which I have to say was one of the best I have had in a very long time! Hats off to the Topiaries staff too who were efficient and polite and made my job a lot easier!

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Just before I headed off, I dragged poor Juliette and her new husband outside for a few more wedding photos – the gardens of Topiaries are simply too beautiful not to get some night-time shots. I am so glad we did – the results were some of the best photos we got from the whole day!

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A huge and genuine congratulations on your amazing day guys. and all the very best for a long and fantastic marriage!

wedding photography


“Thanks so much for Sunday it was the perfect afternoon and we are still receiving feedback on what a great photographer you are, you really put everyone at ease and made the whole process fun, not to mention the fact that the photos you have sent through are awesome, we absolutely love them and look forward to seeing the rest!” Juliette and Tony


Beth and Jason’s Old Petrie Town Wedding

brisbane wedding photographer

Old Petrie Town Wedding: Beth and Jason’s Perfect Day:

Date: 5th March 2016

Location: Old Petrie Town, Brisbane

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Old Petrie Town is one of those places I had been trying to get to for some time but never seemed to make it. If you have never been: go! It’s amazing! Add a perfect wedding day in there and it’s even better!

Jason contacted me a few months prior to his big day asking if I was free to photograph his wedding – I was, so we arranged to catch up at Old Petrie Town for a chat about his plans and to scope out some photo locations. Happily Old Petrie Town is one of those places that looks good regardless of where you point your camera so we weren’t spoilt for choice, and there’s even plenty of spots to photograph should there be rain on the big day!

Fast forward a few months and I was back at Old Petrie Town for real! And it looked amazing! I arrived over an hour early as I usually do when I am photographing a wedding (you never know what the traffic’s going to be like, and it’s always good to check the place isn’t underwater!) and went for a wander. I had only met Beth a few days prior to the wedding as she had been away when I met Jason at the venue, but both bride and groom had been very laid back in the few months counting down to the wedding, as Jason was on his big day when he arrived with his dashing groomsmen!

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The location for the ceremony was impeccable – beneath and in front of a gorgeous centuries-old fig tree. What an amazing backdrop! I snapped people arriving and taking their seats and the groomsmen looking nervous and anxious. I love the build up to the ceremony – the anticipation and nervous tension before the bride’s arrival! And even laid back Jason looked a little bit nervous!

But he needn’t have: Beth arrived on time looking stunning and her bridesmaids looked amazing in their matching blue and red dresses and bright red shoes! I took a few snaps of Beth’s Dad lowering the veil: I had been given the heads up that Dad was odds on favourite to shed a few tears on the day and he did; good on him!

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And then there was quiet…and the aisle song started. Jason’s face as he saw his bride for the first time was priceless – and Beth couldn’t have looked any happier seeing her man waiting at the end of the aisle. Her dad did shed a few tears too!

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The ceremony started with a prayer – during which I caught Beth’s Mum having a sneaky peek at her daughter. Sometimes the best shots are the spontaneous ones!

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And for me, this wedding was the wedding of sneaky peeks and lingering glimpses! Check out these photos and the look of love on everyone’s faces! I love these shots – totally spontaneous, not posed or rehearsed, just genuine emotion!

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I zoomed in on a few of the details too – its the small things that count after all!

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And every wedding album needs a photograph of the parents during the ceremony – my kids are far too young to get married but I know I will be a blubbering mess when they do get wed!

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Following a perfect reading of the vows the guys exchanged wedding rings (they fit!) and then came the part everyone was waiting for: the kiss! We headed to a table for the signing and a few more shots and then it was official: here is Australia’s newest couple! Congratulations guys!


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Jason and Beth brought along their fur baby along for support – cute! – and he didn’t miss out on a photo opportunity! Then it was time for the hardest shot of the day: the group shot! Happily everyone behaved and using the fig tree as a backdrop we got some fantastic shots!

brisbane wedding photographer

Jason and Beth had warned me the week prior to their wedding that posing for photos was not their favourite thing! No problems at all – I let the guys be themselves and picked on the bridal party instead who happily didn’t mind the camera one little bit!

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Old Petrie Town is filled with amazing rustic barns and outhouses that make for incredible wedding photography backdrops. I could have spent all afternoon there! We did some fun shots, a few posed shots, some relaxed shots and some moody shots with no complaints or tantrums!! Time does indeed fly when you’re having fun!

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Happily Beth and Jason are a very photogenic couple and incredibly easy going and made my job very easy indeed!

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One of my favourite parts of the day was when Beth asked if we had done all of the ‘nice’ photos. Sure, I replied, why? The bridesmaids all ripped off their high heels and brought out some comfy bright red pumps for the rest of the afternoon! Outstanding!

engagement photographer engagement photography





The sky had been darkening for a short while and it did eventually rain – but I say this honestly: rain is not a bad thing! First of all rain is meant to be lucky, secondly an umbrella makes for an amazing prop and forces you to snuggle up to your new spouse, and thirdly: rain means rainbows! I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as excited as these guys to have a rainbow in their photos!

newborn baby photos photographer

I used the rain as an opportunity to grab some shots of Jason and Beth sharing an umbrella and we headed towards the other end of Old Petrie Town, to the old train station: probably my favourite part! The rain eased off so we got some nice shots of the groomsmen and bridesmaids then I took off the pace and let Jason and Beth relax and be themselves. That didn’t mean I stopped shooting! I was just a little more inconspicuous about it!

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But all good things must come to an end and I finally let the guys chill out and have a few drinks before the start of the reception, which was on site at the upstairs function room of the Heritage Hotel. I headed in first to grab some shots of the table settings and decorations, and a quick portrait of each of the guests.

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Then the guys were called in and sadly it was time to leave, but not before a few glamour shots on the stairs!

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“Hey Andy, I just wanted to say thanks so much for the photos. You did an amazing job with them, Beth was absolutely pumped!” Jason




Brisbane Wedding: Cara and Roland’s Botanic Garden Ceremony

Brisbane wedding photography

Brisbane Wedding: Cara and Roland’s Beautiful Day:

Date: 18th December 2015, 11am

Location: Garden’s Club, Botanic Gardens, Brisbane

Brisbane wedding photographyWedding photography brisbane

I love photographing Brisbane weddings – I have lived in Brisbane nearly 12 years now and I still marvel at how beautiful she looks on a warm summer’s day! December the 18th was one such day: the sun was shining, it was warm, and there were a few scattered clouds to keep the sun at bay. A perfect day for a Brisbane wedding in other words, and perfect conditions for wedding photography!

I first met Cara and Roland just two days prior to their big day (they both live in Perth but wanted a Brisbane wedding as this is where their family is located) but we were instantly on the same page as to the type of photography they were looking for and the style of their wedding: classical elegance. We went through the format of their Brisbane wedding and worked out a timeline, and took time to just chat and get to know each other; something I find imperative to make the couple feel more comfortable on the most important day of their lives!

Brisbane botanic gardensFast forward two days and the sun was out, the Botanic gardens was bursting with green, and the Garden’s Club was quickly filling up with guests. I arrived early and grabbed a few shots of Roland looking nervous as the guests chatted and mingled, and at precisely 11am, Cara arrived in her bridal car looking stunning and flawless. It was time for action!

Brisbane botanic gardens weddingclassic Brisbane wedding

Gardens club wedding Brisbanewedding photography

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The ceremony is the part of the wedding day celebrations that fly past the quickest: as a bride or groom there is so much to remember, all whilst looking good, smiling, and trying to absorb the day! Without doubt the comment I hear most after the wedding is “It all went so fast!” Happily the photographer is there to capture the details, the smiles and the memories.

professional photographer wedding photos

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Roland is of German heritage, and as such some readings (and part of Cara’s vows) were in Deutsch, which added a fun and personal touch to the occasion; although my limited schoolboy German skills were severely tested, and at best I came out of the day with a C+ for effort! Happily the ceremony was conducted in English (by Elke Howard from Ceremonial Moments) so I was able to follow the proceedings of this beautiful Brisbane wedding!

Elke howard marriage celebrant wedding readings

wedding kiss photographyAfter a few beautiful readings, including one in German by Roland’s sister Anne, came everyone’s favourite part of the ceremony: the kiss! This is the first chance the couple get to really express their love for each other and I always find it to be the highlight of the day! It is the build-up to years of a relationship, and the first public expression of love the couple can show on their big day.

Following the kiss comes the formal part of the ceremony with the signing of the register and the certificate, and then the official declaration of marriage! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Treiber; you are now husband and wife!

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Following some warm congratulations and a fun group shot we grabbed some shots of the newly weds with their families. Happily, Cara had made this amazingly easy with a concise and detailed shot list (oh, how I love shot lists!) which meant we had more time to head into Brisbane Botanic gardens for some beautiful formal shots of the couple.

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I love Brisbane Botanic gardens for wedding photos – there are just so many options and locations, and so much variety! Trees? Check! River? Check! City views? Check! Story Bridge? Check! It helped a lot that Cara and Roland were so much fun and natural to photograph, and so willing to give input and to pander to my silly suggestions!

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And what’s a wedding without a celebration?! Following our formal wedding photos in the Botanic gardens’s, we headed back to the Garden’s Cafe for the reception. The cafe was closed to the public for the reception, which kept the event intimate and personal, and the staff had done an amazing job of decorating the venue. The restaurant area was open and light (great for wedding photography!) and the tables close enough to remain personable without being crowded!

wedding cake photo cake photograph

wedding reception photographs wedding reception

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wedding reception photography

It’s capturing the details that I love most about wedding photography: the small things that you may forget about in a few years but which made the day so individual. During any wedding reception, I use the time as people are eating (because no-one wants their photo taking then!) to grab the details: the cake, the flowers, the menu and the decorations. It is usually these photos that get the most comments – these small things make the wedding!

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And with any wedding celebration there are some beautiful moments: the cake cutting, the speeches and the first dance. Cara and Roland’s cake was a traditional German cake, and looked amazing on the table next to the wedding flowers. The guys also took the time to pose for a few more photos during the reception. Poor things!

brisbane gardens cafe brisbane botanic gardens cafe gardens cafe brisbane

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But all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately I had to leave the guys to their celebrations! It was the perfect wedding day and everything went without a hitch. Congratulations Cara and Roland; may your marriage be long and lots and lots of fun! Andy

wedding photographer


“Andy was the ultimate professional. He captured every moment perfectly and provided us with a lifetime of happy memories. Very easy going and understanding of our specific needs.” Cara