Mt Tamborine Wedding Photographer

mt tamborine wedding photographer

Anyone who has ever met me knows how meticulous and obsessively detailed I am with wedding arrangements and timings! So how strange it was to photograph a full day wedding without being in charge!

Bjorn Schmal from In Love Weddings had contacted me to help with the wedding photography for Lee and Tim for their Old Church wedding on Mt Tamborine. The plan was for Bjorn to look after the video side of things, and me the photos. I jumped at the chance as Bjorn and I have worked together before and we share a very similar outlook on capturing weddings, and he’s a great bloke and top videographer too! (

We met for a coffee before the wedding and ran through the plans, then spent a fun and relaxed couple of hours capturing Tim and his boys, and Lee and her girls getting ready.

Being an experienced Mt Tamborine wedding photographer meant that I knew the venue well and had photographed there before. We were also blessed with fabulous weather so headed outside for some family photos.

Old Church Mt Tamborine

Bjorn and I work very well together and never get in each other’s way! Having photographed and videoed over 20 weddings together, we know how each other work and have an awesome synergy! We also share the same sense of humour and our relaxed outlook on life takes away all the stresses from your wedding!

Once the getting ready photos had been taken it was time for the real deal! The ceremony! The Old Church has a beautiful chapel that makes for fantastic wedding photographs regardless of the weather!

One of my favourite things about Mt Tamborine weddings is the number of photography locations available! We first headed to the rainforest then Hang Glider Hill for sunset. Oh wow, how amazing do the photos look!

And following a beautiful sunset, it was time to party!

Wet Wedding Photography!

wet wedding photography
wet wedding photography

After all the months of planning, one thing you will never be able to control is a wet wedding! Although rain on your wedding day is not as ironic as Alanis Morissette would have you believe, it can, on occasion, hamper your best laid plans!

So what to do if you have a wet wedding?! My advice? Sing in the Rain!

wet wedding photography

And that’s precisely what Jessica and Harry did when the rain fell relentlessly on their wedding day! They say that rain is good luck; well if that’s the case these guys will have the greatest marriage of all time! Their wedding at Cedar Creek Lodges was fantastic. It was one of my faves! Yes it was wet but with rain comes clouds, and cloud cover gives amazing, softened light. Honest!

When it comes to the best outdoor photography conditions, an overcast sky wins hands down! There’s no squinting, harsh shadows or blown out backgrounds; and using an umbrella forces you to get up close and personal!

We managed to get some fantastic umbrella photos, and then headed indoors at Cedar Creek Lodges’ reception area for some awesome indoor shots, but there was one spot that Jessica was super keen to have some photos taken and the rain made that impossible!

The fallen tree at Cedar Creek is one of the best photo spots on Mt Tamborine but during wet weather it becomes slippy and dangerous and, on occasion, is under water and inaccessible!

Wedding Re-Shoot Photos:

So when I had another job at Cedar Creek a few months later, I emailed Jessica and asked if she wanted to get dressed up again and do a wedding re-shoot and get some photos on the tree! To say she was keen was an under-statement!

So if it does happen to rain on your parade, try not to stress! Wet wedding photos look amazing, and there’s always the possibility of a re-shoot! And think of the luck it will bring ;)!

“OMG you’re amazing! The photos are amazing! Thank you! So in love with them!”