Engagement Photo Shoot: New Farm Park with Renee and Andrew

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Engagement Photo Shoot: New Farm Park with Renee and Andrew:

Date: 10th April 2016

Location: New Farm Park, Brisbane

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Engagement Photo Shoots are a lot of fun! It is probably the first time that the couple have done something for their wedding that suddenly makes everything seem very, very real, so there is a fantastic, excited ambience about them!

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Secondly, people look awesome on their engagement photo shoots! They are spending their afternoon with their fiancee looking good – what’s not to love!

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And so it was with Renee and Andrew, an amazingly fun couple who are getting married in August this year and wanted some nice photos to include on their wedding invitations. New Farm Park is an amazing place for an engagement photo shoot and just so happened to be a special place for Renee and Andrew so we met up at the Powerhouse and went through the plans for their big day over a beer and then got snapping! Renee had warned me that Andrew isn’t the most comfortable person in front of a camera (Renee on the other hand very much is!) and that I might have my work cut out. He was a professional! I stood back with my long lens and let the guys be themselves and photographed them as they chatted and cuddled, and after a few minutes Andrew was relaxed and having fun!

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There are so many locations in New Farm Park that make for great couple photographs so we chose 3 or 4 different spots and once the guys were a bit more relaxed, I pushed the friendship and grabbed some posed shots. By the end Andrew was as comfortable in front of the camera as he was in the pub! It was so much fun and the time really did fly by.

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The park was quite busy but we chose our locations and angles well so that the only people in the shots were the beautiful couple – and don’t they look amazing! Renee’s smile is just awesome!

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I asked if there were any shots the guys would like and Andrew was the first to jump in with a few ideas! I love that: I love the enthusiasm and the input! It also means you get the shots you want rather than the photos the photographer wants!

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Happily the light that afternoon was awesome and we even got a beautiful sunset later on! I could have kept going all day!

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These three photos below are possibly my faves from the engagement photo shoot – Renee and Andrew look so close and in love and the look on Renee’s face as she is showing off her engagement ring is priceless!

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But all too soon we had to wrap up, but Andrew said how easy he had found the photo shoot and how much more relaxed he was going to feel at his wedding in August! I think the photos show how much you enjoyed it my friend! I can’t wait until the real thing!

“Hey Andy, thanks so much for yesterday, we had such a great afternoon ( I may have had more fun than Andrew though) haha! He still really enjoyed it which was awesome! He thinks I did extremely well getting on to you for photos… he thinks he will be able to handle wedding photos now!! hehe. Super excited to see your awesome shots!! Renee”

“Hi Andy – the disc arrived yesterday…it was a delightful evening of looking at ourselves!! They are awesome!!! Thanks so much!!! LOVE them.. now to get the invites done.. yippee!!!
 You are the best!! :)Renee”

Engagement Shoot: Kirralee and Kylle

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Engagement Shoot: Kirralee and Kylle in Brisbane Botanic Gardens:

Date: 17th March 2016

Location: Brisbane Botanic Gardens

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Engagement shoots are a fantastic idea in my humble and totally unbiased opinion. Firstly you get to spend a fun afternoon with your loved one. (And me..) Secondly you get some amazing photos for your wedding invites and gift table on your actual wedding day. And thirdly you get to learn some cool and groovy poses so that you can smile and ‘Blue Steel’ the show on your wedding photos!

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I had met Kirralee a few months earlier when she booked me in to be her wedding photographer but I didn’t meet Kylle until two weeks prior to the engagement shoot. He mentioned that he would quite like a dry run before the big day so that he didn’t ruin their wedding photos with awkward stances and fake smiles. Very good plan! We arranged to do an engagement shoot in Brisbane Botanic Gardens one cloudy but pleasant afternoon in March and met by the main entrance on Alice Street.

“Got any thoughts?” I asked,

“Nah,” Kylle answered. Cool, lets begin!

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The guys were actually pretty good right from the start. I gave a little guidance but I always feel that too much micro-managing leads to even more awkwardness, so I prefer some gentle initial suggestions and then let the couple take the reins! We started by the lake, trying our best to avoid the ibises that tried valiantly to photobomb our shots and then headed back outside the park to get some photos by the fig tree roots that have reclaimed the park railings.

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The good thing about Brisbane Botanic Gardens for couple photography and engagement shoots is that there is such a variety of backgrounds and points of interest. We found a massive banyan tree and posed around the roots, and it wasn’t long before Kylle was up there chilling out and, quite literally, monkeying around!

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I had photographed a wedding here a few months prior and had loved the bamboo groves that dotted the park so we headed there for some nice romantic shots. Bamboo always adds interest and depth to a photograph, and they always give a lot of texture and interest to black and white photos.

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We didn’t just go for smiling-at-the-camera shots, and mixed it up with some moody lighting and Calvin Klein poses. Kylle in particular enjoyed this part!

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We then headed towards the river and got some shots with the Story Bridge in the background – what a view!

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And we finished up just as the sun was setting and gave us some beautiful soft light. Kylle thought the engagement shoot was a great idea and had a lot of fun and having just photographed their wedding (as I type) he certainly got some good posing hints from it too! Not that he needed it!

Engagement Shoot: Ally and Luke’s Family Photo Shoot

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Engagement Shoot: Ally & Luke’s Morning at Wellington Point:

Location: Wellington Point Jetty
Date: August 2015, 8am

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One of the things I love most about what I do is meeting fun, relaxed people, especially when doing something as amazing and fun as an engagement shoot, and there are very few people more fun and relaxed than Ally and Luke and their beautiful little family!

We met at Wellington Point jetty one clear and surprisingly warm August morning; the guys accompanied by their friend Kelly who had organised the engagement shoot as a surprise gift. Ally mentioned that they had never had a professional photo shoot before, and that they were a little nervous. Well they needn’t have been! They were absolute naturals, and an absolute pleasure to photograph! Luke was throwing poses like he was modelling, Ally never stopped smiling, and even the little guys were impeccably behaved and looked straight at the camera the whole time!

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We started taking photos at the jetty – which incredibly didn’t have a single person on it – and grabbed some lovely family shots, then handed the kids to Kelly to capture Ally and Luke loving it up! This they didn’t seem to mind at all! This was an engagement shoot after all!

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Then we moved to the beach where the boys had a kick around with a football (Luke is big on his footy and their wedding a few months later had a particular football feel!), and then we headed to the beautiful old fig trees – one of my favourite places in Brisbane for family portrait photography – and snapped a few of the kids and the family together. Even poor Kelly, who had come along to chaperone the kids whilst Ally and Luke smooched it up, was dragged into a photo under protest! She was a bridesmaid at the wedding so at least she got a taste of what was to come on the wedding day!

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Even when it came to photographing the kids by themselves, they behaved impeccably and smiled straight into the camera. Better than Mum and Dad if I’m being honest!

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The hour flew by but happily I got to photograph this amazing family again a few months later at Ally and Luke’s wedding!

“I can’t say thank you enough! Every single photo we looked at was wow, omg , that’s amazing! You are seriously so amazing thank you thank you thank you!” – Ally