Engagement Shoot: Ally and Luke’s Family Photo Shoot

Engagement Shoot: Ally & Luke’s Morning at Wellington Point:

Location: Wellington Point Jetty
Date: August 2015, 8am

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One of the things I love most about what I do is meeting fun, relaxed people, especially when doing something as amazing and fun as an engagement shoot, and there are very few people more fun and relaxed than Ally and Luke and their beautiful little family!

We met at Wellington Point jetty one clear and surprisingly warm August morning; the guys accompanied by their friend Kelly who had organised the engagement shoot as a surprise gift. Ally mentioned that they had never had a professional photo shoot before, and that they were a little nervous. Well they needn’t have been! They were absolute naturals, and an absolute pleasure to photograph! Luke was throwing poses like he was modelling, Ally never stopped smiling, and even the little guys were impeccably behaved and looked straight at the camera the whole time!

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We started taking photos at the jetty – which incredibly didn’t have a single person on it – and grabbed some lovely family shots, then handed the kids to Kelly to capture Ally and Luke loving it up! This they didn’t seem to mind at all! This was an engagement shoot after all!

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Then we moved to the beach where the boys had a kick around with a football (Luke is big on his footy and their wedding a few months later had a particular football feel!), and then we headed to the beautiful old fig trees – one of my favourite places in Brisbane for family portrait photography – and snapped a few of the kids and the family together. Even poor Kelly, who had come along to chaperone the kids whilst Ally and Luke smooched it up, was dragged into a photo under protest! She was a bridesmaid at the wedding so at least she got a taste of what was to come on the wedding day!

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Even when it came to photographing the kids by themselves, they behaved impeccably and smiled straight into the camera. Better than Mum and Dad if I’m being honest!

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The hour flew by but happily I got to photograph this amazing family again a few months later at Ally and Luke’s wedding!

“I can’t say thank you enough! Every single photo we looked at was wow, omg , that’s amazing! You are seriously so amazing thank you thank you thank you!” – Ally