Redlands Photography – Greg, Jen & Madeleine Family Photos

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Redlands Photography: Family Photo Shoot

Date: 3rd July 2016

Location: Wellington Point

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Photography in the Redlands is very rewarding indeed – for a start we have countless options for family photo shoot locations, and with plentiful ocean backdrops, Redlands Photography is a must!

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I was lucky enough to do a family photo shoot in Wellington Point Park with Greg, Jen and their beautiful daughter Madeleine – the weather was perfect for family photography and Madeleine was an absolute dream to photograph!

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It was a gorgeous, clear afternoon with beautiful low sun, which made for some amazing low light shots – check out the reflections and sea view backdrops in these portrait photos!

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Wellington Point jetty is a great location for family photo backgrounds – even on a hot and sunny day we can head underneath the jetty for a bit of shade, which helps with squinting and harsh contrasts. We just have to make sure we go at low tide!

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The crowning gem is the 400-year old fig trees; they are amazing and it is almost impossible to take a bad family photo there! Redlands Photography is a great hobby and past time but when it happens to be your job too, that has to be a blessing!

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Thanks very much for the photos Andy… They were fantastic. Cheers, Greg

Family Photography at Wellington Point

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Family Photography Session:

Location: Wellington Point

Date:23rd February 2017, 6am

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I love early morning family photography sessions. No really I do! I have a one year old so I am awake at 5am every day, so I was delighted when Nikita and Simon asked if a 6am family photography session at Wellington Point would be OK. Let’s do this!

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It was a beautiful, warm and clear morning, and at that time of day the whole Wellington Point park area was home to a couple of fisherman, and us! We had the place to ourselves and made use of the jetty, park, and amazing sheltered fig tree area – all of which are fantastic locations for family photography!

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Happily Nikita and Simon brought along their son Nico, an awesomely friendly little guy who was more than happy to throw a heap of big smiles my way!

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The fig trees really are an amazing place for family photography – they make for such a great backdrop and the broad canopy allow us to take photos at any time of day. The amazing views across the bay to Manly and Brisbane city don’t hurt either!

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And of course being a peninsular, Wellington Point is surrounded by water, and water always makes for great family photos! And having an early start meant the jetty was free for us to get some great family pictures on!

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Wellington Point also has three play parks, which is great as a bribery tactic for kids! We took Nico to go and have a play and to get some spontaneous photos; sometimes these are the best shots from the session!

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And then all too quickly the hour was up and we were saying goodbye! It was an awesome family portrait session and a great start to the day! Thanks so much for being so much fun and so relaxed, especially at that time of the morning, and I hope to see you for another family photo session again soon!

Mother’s Day Photo Shoot: Vanessa, Tony & Family!

mother's day photo shoot

Mother’s Day Photo Shoot: Vanessa, Tony & Family!

Date: 23rd April 2016

Location: Wellington Point

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Mother’s Day photo shoots are a great gift idea for the Mum that has everything! Mother’s Day photos are personal, fun, loving, and they last a lifetime! Which is why Ness and Tony booked on a Mother’s Day photo shoot a few weeks before Mother’s Day so that they could print the photos off for Tony’s Mum as a Mother’s Day gift! Very wise thinking!

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Wellington Point was our location of choice (it is one of my favourite locations for family portrait photography in Brisbane) and headed to the centuries-old fig trees and started snapping. The guys were amazing! Everyone looked at the camera, smiled and didn’t misbehave! Even the kids were patient and weren’t distracted by the play park!

family photos portrait photography






I got some lovely family photos first and then a few photos of the kids together, including some lovely individual photos, then sent them off to play whilst I got some shots of Mum and Dad being cute! Aaaahhh, I remember those pre-kid days!

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We were soon joined by Tony’s brother Matt and his lovely wife and continued snapping – I usually expect around 15 minutes of good photo time before boredom and itchy feet kick in and the specialist tactics take place, but in spite of having a 4-year old with us, we were still able to shoot for much longer!

family photo shoot family photography






I got some couple photographs and some family photos then stood back and got some more spontaneous, unposed photographs with the long lens as the family played and laughed. But sure enough where there’s boys and trees, the guys soon started climbing and swinging and generally being monkeys! No problems, I thought, I’ll grab some nice photos of the adults…hang on, Tony and Matt were up the tree too!

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I did spend a few minutes photographing the big people, all the time with one eye on the kids in the branches!

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Then as patience started to wane, we headed to the jetty to recharge the batteries and grabbed a few more family photos in the sunshine before Tony grabbed the kids and started throwing them overboard! Actually, he didn’t but it made for some awesome giggling shots!

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0V7A7131x 0V7A7115x

I used to struggle with what to get my Mum for Mother’s Day but every year we give her something fun and personal: a photo canvas of the grandkids, a photo book of her last visit, or some beautiful framed prints. After all, they are timeless and just keep on giving and no mother ever tires of photos of her children or grandkids!


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“Thank you so much again we are very happy with outcome and really enjoyed looking at them together, now to decide what to print! Ness”

Portrait Photography: Steph and Luke’s Wello Point Session!

portrait photography

Portrait Photography: Steph and Luke’s Wello Point Session!

Date: 1st April 2016

Location: Wellington Point, Redlands

Portrait photography is a lot of fun! You get to meet some fantastic people and photograph them in awesome locations! I met Steph, Luke, Peyton and Caleb at Wellington Point – my favourite place on Brisbane’s Bayside for portrait photography – and headed straight to the jetty. Poor Caleb had fallen asleep in the car and was still dozing when I started shooting – poor guy might regret that when he turns 21!

I always make a point of learning everyone’s names at a photo shoot – it helps with getting their attention, plus it’s just common courtesy! “You won’t have any problems remembering the names today,” said Luke; “I’ve got the kid’s names tattooed on my arm!” Haha, thanks Dad!

Caleb soon woke up and happily he wasn’t spooked by the strange bloke pointing a camera at him! In fact, he broke into the biggest smile of the day! And he scored a kiss on the cheek from his sister, Peyton!

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We did a few shots on the jetty and in the small park in the middle of the Wellington Point park area, and then headed to the big fig trees where you are always guaranteed shade and amazing backdrops!

redlands photography family photos






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It’s always nice to get a few shots of each child with Dad and Mum seperately – as you can see, it was all smiles for Dad and all cuddles for Mum!



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The kids loved climbing amongst the roots and hiding behind the branches. Let them play I say! Some of the best shots will come from kids simply being kids!


portrait photos






And as a Dad myself, I loved how close Peyton is to her younger brother; they simply adore each other and weren’t shy having a little kiss for the camera! Honestly, doesn’t this just melt your heart!

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Portrait photography has many guises; the group family photo, the couples photo, the kids photo, some black and white photos, and some spontaneous photos. We got them all that morning! Maybe it was because the kids had been swimming and were half a step behind but they certainly didn’t mind the camera and smiled brilliantly! Even Mum and Dad did a pretty good job! And remember that time before kids? When it was just the two of you? Yeah, me neither, but there was once upon a time a few years where it was just you two – romance, nights out, nights in – well kids kind of ends all that! So I make it a point to grab at least one couples photo of Mum and Dad, just so they can remember the good old days!

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family photos family portrait






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But let’s be honest, it’s all about the kids! So the last fifteen minutes were all about Peyton and Caleb being cute and looking awesome with their beautiful curls and fairy dress (Peyton, not Caleb…)


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And I didn’t even have to ask this time! Such amazing kids – just what a parent wants to see!

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Then with five minutes to go we let the kids run free and they dived onto the climbing frame and were at the top before I could change my settings! Awesome: capturing kids being kids! Exactly what we wanted!

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And all too soon our session was done. I would be fairly sure the swimming and the climbing would have meant a peaceful and early night for Mum and Dad! Thanks guys, I had a blast; hope you love the shots!


The photos arrived on Monday; I have been meaning to email you to say thank you but haven’t had a chance! The photos look good and  there are some really cute ones of the kids. I am more than happy to pass your details on to anyone who is looking for a photographer, we enjoyed our experience and are very happy with the results. Steph

Wellington Point Family Portrait Photo Shoot

family photographs

Family Portrait Photo Shoot:

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family photosThe biggest issue with being a family portrait photo shoot photographer is that you never get photos of your own family! Oh, the irony! Most photographers are infinitely more comfortable directing people from behind a camera than posing in front of one, and then there’s the critique aspect: why is the photographer doing that? Why are they standing there? And how much are those prints gunna cost?! So in spite of having two kids (a 4 year old boy and 4 month old little girl), the only photos we have are the one’s we have taken ourselves! And aren’t I constantly reminded about it?! So my advice is this: if you have a family, have some professional portrait photos taken! You won’t regret it. I promise.

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Zeinab and Ayman certainly didn’t! A Family Portrait Photo Shoot is a great way to capture those early days when Bub is tiny.

We met at a warm and slightly cloudy Wellington Point a few weeks ago and after a brief chat to ascertain the sort of photographs the guys were looking for, we started snapping! Wellington Point jetty is a fantastic place to start and makes for a fantastic backdrop, and luckily we had it all to ourselves that day. As is always the case with family portrait shoots, the star of the show was Eleny, Zeinab and Ayman’s beautiful daughter! Fresh from a snooze and raring to go, she smiled for the camera as we captured some beautiful child portraits and then added Mum and Dad (better get them in a few I suppose!)

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The guys looked fantastic in matching black and white, and Eleny looked so cute with her little bow. Shame it spent more time off her head than on it! The sun eventually came out so we headed to arguably my favourite spot in Brisbane for family portraits: Wellington Point’s amazing Moreton Bay fig trees. They look more like something from Lord of the Rings then Brisbane’s bayside, with their gnarled and twisted roots, but aside from looking great, they provide shade; a very good thing on a warm day like today!

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I let the guys be themselves for a while and stood back with the big zoom and captured the family as they laughed and chatted – Eleny loving being on dad’s shoulders and playing with his hair!

moreton bay photographs manly photographer 0V7A1366x

0V7A1410x bayside photographer

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I find that the best photos from any family shoot are the natural, spontaneous ones; there isn’t the stigma and awkwardness of posing (especially when there’s young kids!) and reactions become more relaxed and authentic.

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Of course, there is a place for some nice posed photographs with everyone looking at the camera, and although the hardest to capture are probably the ones you will put on your wall.

family portrait photos

0V7A1311x 0V7A1310x

I also made sure I got some photos of Eleny with Mum and Dad separately – it’s lovely to watch how kids interact with each parent (and makes for a great Facebook profile pic!). Usually dads will start launching children into the air, whereas Mums go for cuddles. Both make for great shots and I always encourage interaction!

0V7A1288x 0V7A1244x

0V7A1240x 0V7A1185x

From this point, Little Eleny started to tire so again I stood back and captured her as she cuddled into Ayman’s shoulders – how beautiful:)

0V7A1663x 0V7A1655x

0V7A1633x 0V7A1627x

Just a few more shots by the carpark and the hour was suddenly over – it’s amazing how quickly the time goes, but the guys got some lovely memories and can look back at the photos when Eleny turns 5, 10, and 21 and remember how great she looked and what a beautiful family they make!

If you are interested in booking a Family Portrait Photo Shoot, we would love to hear from you!

“Hi Andy, I have just gone through the CD and absolutely love the images! Really beautiful moments captured. Thank you again!” Zeinab