Baby Photography: Welcome Xavier!

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Baby Photography: Xavier’s NewBorn Photos

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I truly adore doing baby photography! Maybe it is because I have two babies of my own (OK, they are 6 and 2 years old now, so maybe they are not exactly babies anymore!) but to photograph those beautiful little bundles of joy, and to capture their gorgeous innocence and cuteness is a privilege I will never take for granted!

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And beautiful little Xavier was no exception! Like all babies, he was curious as to who this strange-sounding guy was when I turned up but he soon got used to me and slept. I always say that during a typical two hour newborn photo shoot, if we have an hour for photography and an hour for feeding/crying/changing/soothing etc, then we are doing pretty well!

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We managed to get a fantastic mix of photos with Xavier and got some of him awake, some with Mum and Dad, and some of him looking incredibly cute and beautiful curled up and snoozing on his own!

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I always like to get some close-up shots too, to highlight their beautiful little hands, feet and ears. Trust me when I say this: they don’t stay that little for long!

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We have two options for baby photography and newborn photo shoots; come to our studio in Alexandra Hills or we can come to you! We will bring along some blankets, baskets and wraps, and by all means feel free to bring along a change or two of clothes and some toys or props!

A two-hour newborn package starts at $399 (including your high resolution images sent by DropBox!), and you can get more information at the below link!

Newborn Photography Brisbane

Newborn Photography – Melissa’s Baby Photos

Newborn Photography: Burpengary Baby Photos

Date: 5th July 2016

Location: At Home in Burpengary


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Maybe it’s because I’m a Dad that I love doing newborn photography so much! Or maybe it’s just because squishy newborn babies are just so cute and much fun to photograph!

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Melissa and Zane emailed me a few weeks ago asking if I was free to photograph their beautiful new arrival – and just how beautiful is she!

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And she was so well behaved too! She didn’t mind having a stranger taking baby photos, and even slept most of the time! Melissa did very well and made my job a lot easier well by having the room nice and warm and she had given her beautiful girl a good feed before I got there!

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How incredibly beautiful does she look with the make-up brush and Mum’s pearls?!

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And this must be the bravest thing I have ever seen! Melissa even brought out her beautiful silk wedding dress for some shots! Happily it remained unharmed!

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Melissa and Zane got married a year ago so their wedding rings were brought out for a few photos! What an incredible selection of photographs they will have from this last twelve months: wedding photos and newborn photos! I know I’m biased but I really can’t emphasise the importance of capturing these milestones – having a family portrait photography session once a year really does allow you to look back in years to come and remember more clearly what everyone looked like and how everyone’s changed!

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Studio Shoot and Cake Smash: Madelyn’s First Birthday!

Madelyn’s First Birthday Studio Shoot and Cake Smash:

Date: 19th March 2016, 9am

Location: At Home, Bridgeman Downs

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I love doing studio photo shoots but don’t get to do them as much as I’d like; I think there’s an assumption attached to them that they are going to be a bit too stuffy and formal (and expensive!) but this isn’t the case at all! I have a portable photography studio so I can come to your house and get studio quality photos without the hefty price-tag (a portable studio means no rent!)

I was fortunate enough to do an on location family studio shoot for Lauren, Hayden and Madelyn last year in Wellington Point and they very kindly invited me back to capture some photographs for Madelyn’s first birthday. I didn’t need asking twice! I headed to their home in Bridgeman Downs one warm and sunny Saturday morning, which I found to be a hive of activity in preparation for the impending celebrations. I added to the melee as I colonised one corner of the house to set up the studio (a simple, unobtrusive process that takes 20 minutes or so) and by 9am on the dot we were ready to shoot!

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The best bit of advice I can give when photographing kids is to work quickly and to have lots of breaks to maintain their interest! We used the breaks to grab a dose of air-con (it was 34 degrees outside!) and to give Madelyn a rest from the prying camera! She did incredibly well and posed perfectly with Mummy and Daddy, then tried out the rugs and cushions I had brought along for some solo shots; but the hero of the morning was the pink helium balloons which she was intrigued by! Props are great for maintaining interest and for getting some awesome facial expressions! Good work Mummy!

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As Madelyn was being so patient with us, we grabbed some shots with Mummy and then Daddy, and then with little Oliver who also loved the camera, which made my morning an absolute breeze! Thanks guys!


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The extended family started to arrive at 9.30 and although the concentration started to waiver a little, Maddy was still a star and we grabbed some great shots with everyone!

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After around half an hour of family pics we headed to the garden for the cake smash! I love photographing cake smashes as you really never know what’s going to happen: confused innocence or outright carnage! Happily Madelyn was somewhere in between and happily demolished the cake for us without sending it flying through the air!

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Madelyn even got her first taste of cake – you can judge for yourself whether she was keen or not!

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And then once there was more cake on the birthday girl than there was on the floor, it was time for a bath and a snooze, and I said my goodbyes. Happy First Birthday, Madelyn!

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“Hi Andy,
Thank you so much for the work that you did on those photos. The disc arrived safely in the mail today. Hopefully there will be another occasion soon so that I can contact you again! It was great working with you again.