Studio Photo Shoot: Tahlia’s Family Photos

studio photo shoot

Studio Photo Shoot: Tahlia’s Family Photos

Date: 25th April 2016

Location: At Home in Graceville

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Studio photo shoots are great family fun – you get to dress up, look fantastic, have fun and most importantly you get to mess around! Oh and you get some amazing photos at the end of it too!

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Tahlia is heading overseas soon (Colombia no less!) and wanted to get some great family photos of her siblings and Mum and Dad so I headed to their place in Graceville with the portable studio on Anzac Day (yes, photographers work when other people don’t!)

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The studio shoot was so much fun! We got some individual photos, some photos with Mum and Dad, some group shots and a big photo with each family member in there! Everyone was so excited and keen and we got so much done in a relative amount of time!

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Family portraits are also a great way to capture the kids as they grow up – those early years fly by all too quick and capturing some fantastic photos once a year is well worth it; especially if there is always one person stuck behind the camera! Guess who that is in our house!

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There is a misconception that studio photo shoots are expensive and time consuming but that doesn’t have to be the case at all – we come to your house and it takes 15 minutes to set up the studio and 10 minutes to bring it down again – all the bit in the middle is for you to play film star and to smile and pose!

Thanks so much for the fun afternoon guys – it really was a lot of fun, and thanks for your enthusiasm and laughter! And have an amazing time in South America, Tahlia! I am very jealous! Andy


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