Redlands Photographer

Redlands Photography

I love being a Redlands photographer! Firstly, the Redlands is an amazing place to live! Secondly being a Redlands photographer means you get to photograph in some of the best photography locations in SE QLD! And thirdly; I love my job!

So when Sam and Darcy asked me to get some updated photos for their tribe a few weeks ago I jumped at the chance! I photographed Sam and Darcy’s wedding a couple of years ago so knew the guys well – all except Tyler who has been born since the big day!

Redlands Photographer

We chose the Golden Hour (the last hour of the day when the sun is low and the light is gorgeous!) to do the photos, and opted for Raby Bay beaches as a location. It is such an amazing spot, with some greenery, plenty of sand, and amazing sunsets!

The kids all seemed to remember me which meant we hit the ground running and didn’t have any awkwardness at the start! We got some lovely photos amongst the greenery and in the trees then headed down to the break water rocks.

Sunsets are always unpredictable; clouds can work both ways and can either turn bright red and gorgeous or can block out the sun completely! Luckily we had the best of both worlds and had some shade but still ended up with amazing colours as the sun hit the horizon!

I always try and get some more natural photos towards the end of the shoot and just let kids be kids! Those candid, spontaneous photos always get the best comments and best reactions!

If you are looking for a Redlands Photographer, we would love to help! A half hour photo shoot in the mainland Redlands is $149, and an hour is $199, and your high resolution images are included! For more information visit our photography packages page!