Photography Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve just booked onto a photography course; what happens next?

You will automatically receive an email outlining the details of your course – date, time and location – simply turn up and we will do the rest!

What do I need to bring?

Your camera, a tripod (for the Low Light Landscapes and Photographing Places courses, and it also might come in handy for the Macro Photography course), a fully charged battery, a memory card with plenty of room for photos, a bottle of water and an umbrella or jacket if it looks like rain.

‘Looks like rain’? Is there any shelter?

Yes. All of our locations have been chosen for their suitability in all weather conditions.

Can I make changes to my course? Can it be cancelled?

Once booked, our courses are fully non-refundable. The courses can be changed for free online up to 72 hours prior to the start of the course if the change is made yourself (there is a $20 admin fee if made by phone or email). Between 72 and 24 hours prior to the course there is a $20 fee if made yourself online. Changes cannot be made within 24 hours of the commencement of the course, and no-shows are non-refundable.

What happens in adverse weather conditions?

You can take great photographs in wet weather, you really can, but we also understand the need to protect your gear. We will cancel courses if we really believe the weather to be dangerous to equipment or health, but we usually try not to. On wet weather days we will announce on our facebook page that you have the opportunity to change your course for free to a (hopefully!) drier day. The courses remain non-refundable but can be transferred to another person.

Where do we meet?

The details of where to meet will be on your confirmation email but essentially daytime courses are at Roma Street Parklands, night courses are at Kangaroo Point Cliffs and the Sunrise course is at Manly harbour, with the Animals course taking place at Lone Pine and the Sports Photography Course occuring at Lakeside Racetrack. All of our locations have been chosen for their suitability, ease of access, and stunning views! Our photographer will be there at least five minutes before our scheduled meeting time and will be visible in a white A Thousand Miles Photography shirt and will have their camera on a tripod. Courses will commence no later than five minutes after the scheduled meeting time.

Do I need to bring a copy of the confirmation email?

Here at A Thousand Miles Photography we try and stay green, so rather than printing off your confirmation please make it viewable on your mobile phone instead. If you do not have a mobile or your mobile does not allow you to access emails, then do please print out the first page of your confirmation. If we have two ‘John Smith’s turn up for the same course, we need to know who’s the right one!

Do we get a break?

Yes, every course has a 5-10 minute break in the middle. If you are booked on the all-dayer courses, there is half an hour between courses too.

What about refreshments?

Roma Street Parklands has a cafe selling soft drinks and caffeine in addition to a few snacks, ice-creams and sit-down meals. Kangaroo Point has a cafe that closes before the night course starts so we recommend bringing your own refreshments for this course. Manly harbour has plenty of food and drink options; unless you’re doing the Photographing Sunrises course, in which case we bring the coffee!

And, er, what about bathrooms?

All of our locations have been chosen with bathrooms a priority!

How long are the courses?

Our courses are two and a half hours. Our all-dayers are three back to back courses, totalling seven and a half hours of tuition with two thirty minute breaks in between.

And what do the courses cost?

That’s the best bit! All of our courses have the same, fair costing: $59 for an individual, and $149 for the all-dayers! We also have a 5-course pass available for $239 and a 10-course pass available for $339! In order to make photography open to everyone, we are keeping prices as low and as fair as possible, which means you aren’t paying for our advertising! We do rely largely on word of mouth, so any help you can give us by recommending us to your friends or sharing our page on your Facebook page is massively appreciated!

The Photographng Animals course will also have an entry fee for Lone Pine Zoo, payable directly on the day.

But I wanna do heaps of courses! Any discounts?

Yeah, OK! We have a Frequent Fotographer pass where you can get any 5 courses for $239, or any 10 courses for $339!

But that’s cheaper than group buying!!!

Yeah, we’re lovely here at A Thousand Miles Photography! Now go and tell your friends so we can keep it that way!

I’d love to buy a course for someone else; is that possible?

Of course! You can either book a specific course on a specific date straight on our booking page and simply input their name instead of yours, or you can choose to buy a Gift Voucher at the top of that page which allows you to pick a certain type of course but the date remains open-dated. If you’d prefer to keep the course open as well or would like to have a voucher with a certain amount of credit on it, then just email us and we will do a gift voucher up for you!

How many people do you have on your courses?

We believe that smaller groups give more one on one time for questions and feedback and as a result we operate our courses with a maximum of 12 participants.