Newborn Zappala Family Photo Shoot

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Newborn Zappala Family Photo Shoot:

Date: 19th March 2016, 11.15am

Location: At Home, Bridgeman Downs

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As a Dad of two beautiful but energetic kids, I know what a massive task it is to get them dressed and ready to go anywhere, let alone to get them to smile for photographs at the end of it! That’s why I am more than happy to travel to your home or suburb and do a family portrait photo shoot there – which is precisely what we did for Frances and David’s awesome family a few weeks ago! And newborn photography? Yeah, I’m a sucker for that too!

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Frances called me the day before asking when I would next be available to take some newborn photos. As it happened I was free the next day and going to be in the area, so headed north to Bridgeman Downs on what turned out to be a hot and humid day! Just one week earlier, Frances and David had had their third child and wanted to grab some family photos whilst she was still brand new! I was met at the door by their two older children Olivia and Sebastian, and their (very!) patient cat, Sooty! I grabbed a few shots of the guys posing for the camera before the new arrival appeared and quickly took centre stage!

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The kids clearly loved their baby newborn sister and it was genuinely heart warming to watch them cuddle her and hold her close. Mum and Dad soon joined us for some full family shots, using the fantastic diffused light coming in through their French doors. With the right tools and the right know-how, you can get great family photos even on a bright and sunny morning!

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They say you should never work with kids and animals but these guys were awesome and an absolute pleasure to photograph! Even Sooty posed for the camera! We grabbed a few shots of the girls whilst the boys played in the background and burnt off their excess energy, then it was Mum and Dad’s turn to get some photos with their newest arrival.

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I always encourage getting some photos of just the kids together; they can be the hardest photos to get (depending on the time of day and the weariness of the kids!) but there is something absolutely adorable about seeing siblings playing together and interacting with each other; especially if there is a newby on the scene! And watching Olivia and Sebastian being so delicate with their new sister was genuinely heart warming to see.

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We had a couple of changes of rooms and a few blanket wraps and outfit switches, and in spite of the warmth there were no tears. There was time for a quick impromptu feeding, of course, and then all too quickly an hour had gone and it was time to let everyone get back to normal!

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And then it was back into the heat for the drive south – thanks so much for inviting me to photograph your family, guys, and good luck with the new arrival! Andy