Beaudesert State High School Formal 2020

A huge congratulations to the BSHS class of 2020 and their amazing send off at Brisbane City Hall on Thursday 19th November 2020! Everyone looked amazing and seemed to have a fantastic time!

Thank you for letting me tag along and capture the evening for you! Below is the photo gallery of your awesome evening!

All of the below photos are available for purchase. You will see these photos are very low resolution and have a watermark and photo reference number (four digits starting with a 4 or 5) – the printed versions will not have a watermark or photo number and will be a high resolution version!

Each 7×5″ (18x13cm) print is $15.00, or 5 for $50.00 (each subsequent photo is then $10.00)

Each 12×8″ (30x20cm) print is $20.00 or 5 for $75.00 (each subsequent photo is then $15.00)

These prices are inclusive of postage

To order prints simply make a note of the photo number (4 digits in white, starting with a 4 or a 5) and email your choices to:

We will send you bank or Paypal details and will have everything printed off for you!

Congratulations once again and Best Regards

Andy Williams, A Thousand Miles Photography

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