Brisbane Camera Club

Brisbane Camera Club

If you have been looking for a reason to get out and take photographs, now you have one! A Thousand Miles Photography host ‘Brisbane Camera Club’, a photography club for photography enthusiasts to come along and take great photos (and share advice!) with like minded individuals!

The Brisbane Camera Club meetings are not as formal or regimented as the photography classes; they are more a chance to pick up a few hints and tips on how to improve your photography through practice and knowledge sharing, and by asking the photographer who will be on hand to help! (The meetings will not be capped on numbers and as such you may find you do not have as much one-on-one time with the photographer as in the classes, and as such we recommend doing a course if you have specific questions or feel you need extra tuition!).

There will be 8 Camera Club meetings a year, operating at evenly spaced intervals, and will be a mix of weekends and mid-weeks. Each meeting will run for 2.5 hours (you can stay longer if you like!) and we will have a change of location for each one. Members are very actively encouraged to offer input into location and theme, and we are looking to keep meeting fresh, fun and different! Active participation is encouraged (but if you’re shy, that’s fine too!) as is knowledge sharing! Most of all we want people to have fun, learn something, and get the chance to leave the house every now and again!

The annual Brisbane Camera Club membership is just $50 and individual meetings can be attended for $10 per meeting, so why not bring a friend and make an afternoon of it! Brisbane Camera Club Membership can be given as a gift too, and we are able to arrange gift vouchers!

If you have any questions, or if you would like to join Brisbane Camera Club, please give us a call on 0468405225, or contact us here

Please note – club membership is valid for a minimum of 8 meetings in the 12 months from the date that you join. If you cannot attend a specific meeting, you will forfeit that meeting, or you can choose to send someone in your place. Please advise us in writing in advance.

Hi Andy,  Just would like to say thank for an enjoyable evening last night. Each time my love for photography grows and my eagerness to learn more becomes insatiable this in part is due to your enthusiasm and willingness to share your obvious passion as well. I will send a photo or two from last night as soon as I load them.  Once again, Thank you. John

Camera Club Meetings for 2018: